Q: What do I have to pay for if I have a leased ice machine?

A: You only pay your agreed upon lease amount.  Normal wear and tear is always covered, as well as regular servicing.  Service calls related to the leased machine never cost you anything.  Replacement parts and cleaning are completely covered in all lease agreements.

Q: How much does a leased ice machine cost to install?
Somebody said that companies like yours overcharge for putting the machine in, just so you can give me a low monthly payment.

A: $0 

Installs are free and based upon the fact that we are locally owned and operated in Panama City.  We support our local small businesses and this is one of things that set us apart from national ice machine leasers.


Q: Help!  My leased ice machine broke!  Can you get out here tonight?  My husband thinks he can fix it...but I am not sure.

A: First and foremost, it is a leased machine.  We will fix anything that happens through normal wear and tear.  So ask your husband nicely to wait for your 24/7 Ice Machine Technician to come out and take a look at it.

We don't cover any bills or repairs made by other Ice Machine Technicians or husbands, but we do offer a 24/7 on-call Ice Machine Technician.


Q: My machine has been working fine, but we are in the busy season and I am using all my ice!  I don't have space to lease another machine.  Am I stuck with this one?



Q: My leased ice machine broke overnight and I don't have any ice!  How am I going to run my business?  What protection do you offer?

A: Lease contracts are capable of being modified to fit your business's growing ice needs.  We will explore all options to get you a larger ice machine while keeping you in the same contract.  No new contracts required!